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Does the environment have value?

Did you know low-impact illumination helps preserve the night ecology,
while supporting natural human health?

    WHY EcoLights?

      We developed the CSbG Luminaires and EcoLights as low-impact alternatives for applications where the priority is the protection of the environment and human health.

      It has very practical human advantages that minimize:

        Light trespass and glare,
        Disruption of our circadian rhythm,
        Power usage, and
        Attraction of mosquitoes

      And, it helps to preserve our natural night vision while improving the benefits of a good night sleep. No other luminaire can do all these.

      For more information behind these and other issues, visit our BLOG.


    Artificial light that helps preserve the night.

    Complying with international guidelines for outdoor lighting for environmentally protected areas
    while still providing sufficient illumination for human activity.


      Life is difficult and dangerous, but some people still try to engineer the night and give priority to an unattainable goal – safety and security. We illuminate hazards and personal property, but increasingly people suffer from stress, disease, infection and even some cancers.

      We apply new therapies, medications and invasive surgery to “fix” these problems. But the increase of these ailments should be taken as a sign that something is wrong.

      We must read and consider what the research is now telling us – it tells us to bring back the night.

      Public policy should guide our society towards a more sustainable and healthy future by minimizing the impact of Artificial light at night (ALAN). ALAN is debilitating, and should not be “institutionalized” in our society.

      We felt so strongly about this that we developed the EcoLight.


      Sky glow from urban areas can be seen over a hundred kilometres and it can illuminate the countryside to brighter than the full Moon – the illumination threshold for biology. For over a century, astronomers have been aware of the proliferation of artificial light. They have measured it and have had to move farther from urban areas to escape from it. But astronomers are not the only ones affected. Animals have similar biology and vision to humans, and many of them depend on the night but are not able to move away.

      Our society is re-discovering the importance of the natural environment, and animal behaviour and well-being are critical omens for the health of the ecosystem. If the night is not suitable for animals, then it is not good for humans either.

      Our Group began with astronomers, biologist and ecologists – each contributing their expertise to this challenge. We studied the impact of light on animals and human health, and found limiting thresholds below which artificial light had very little impact. Current lighting products exceed these thresholds and continue the trend towards high-impact outdoor lighting.

      We decided to act, so we developed a luminaire that is a compromise between health and mental well-being, and our daytime vision. We feel it is time to protect the night, not with just darkness, but with a rationale reduction and control of outdoor lighting. Both amateur astronomers, city officials and homeowners are impressed with the quality of light provided by our Luminaires and EcoLights.


      All life on Earth has evolved to tolerate and even exploit the darkness, but humans are basically daytime creatures that need artificial light at night if they are to extend their activity beyond the evening and into the night. We can’t expect people to turn off their outdoor lighting, but we can provide an alternative product that provides low-impact illumination. We look forward to when artificial light at night (ALAN) provides only the light that is needed with the main priority to minimize its impact on the environment - not maximize it.

      To that end, we provide luminaires that restrict the impact to only the target area, and minimize this impact through the control of colour, brightness, shielding and the schedule of use.

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