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Helping to Preserve the Night

110-277 Vac

Automatic on-off
0.5-7 W, 0-500 lm

3.5W, 300 lumens

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    Uniform illumination without annoying glare.
    Pleasant aesthetic of "candle light".

Flexible Applications
(Pathways, Laneways, Stairways)

Fasten under hand-railing or on bollards.
"Daisy-chain" for long runs.
Mount under building eves to highlight
laneway, walkway, patio or wall-wash.
Pole mount for lanes and roads.


"Wall Washer"
Can't see the lamp? That's the point! We should see the illuminated area and not the light source. The CSbG-EcoLight can be used for a smaller target area than the CSbG-Luminaire. It also has the adjustable-brightness feature to suit a wide range of applications at about half the cost of the larger CSbG-Luminaire.
On the right, the same CSbG-EcoLight is mounted at 1-meter high and spaced at 5X the mounting height. A closer spacing (4 mounting heights) requires more luminaires, but will provide more uniform illumination. Competing fixtures may be cheaper but may require a luminaire every 1-2 meters, so the CSbG-EcoLight system-level cost will be much cheaper, and uses significantly less power. (Simulated to show what you see.)

      OUR CSbG-EcoLight

        - Amber colour (no blue) to help preserve night vision
        - Won't affect circadian rhythm or undermine health
        - Eco-friendly amber for low ecological impact


        - No glare for pedestrians
        - No light trespass
        - Minimal backlight
        - Light only where it's needed

      Uniform Illumination

        - "Along-track" illumination ~ 5-mounting heights with no "Bright Patch"
        - "Across-track" illumination ~ 1.5-mounting heights
        - Low energy use for size of target area


      White Light
        - Undermines our natural night vision
        - Disrupts the biology of plants and animals
        - Exacerbates impacts of glare and light trespass

      Poor Shielding

        - Causes glare for approaching pedestrians
        - Glare for over hundreds of meters
        - Poorly defined target area
        - Sprays light where it is not needed
        - Light trespass impacts plants, animals and human health

      "Bright Spot" Illumination

        - Ruins night vision
        - Limits visibility to only centre of beam
        - Prevents visibility into periphery
        - Small illuminated area for a given power


      Requirements change over time. Need to re-purpose the luminaire? No need to buy a different fixture. Mounting the EcoLight higher above the path and adjusting the illumination level turns it into a low-impact streetlight!

      In this image, the EcoLight-ECONOMY is mounted over a doorway. The illumination covers about 3x12-meters (the length of the house wall) with a uniformity of about 3:1. Sharp cut-off shielding prevents glare and light trespass from bothering neighbours.

      Using less power reduces the release of carbon dioxide that results from generating the power. With public and government priorities shifting towards reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, these savings are becoming particularly important.

      At a height of 4-meters, and power set to 4.3-watts, they do a fair job of marking the road to the rural property. There is very little back-light into the bushes and the forward light is limited to the immediate area.

      For this image, the luminaire spacing is 24 meters (6:1) with a uniformity of about 3.5 so you need fewer poles and fixtures than with most other luminaires, and you will use lot less power.

      Use them to guide late-night visitors to rural resorts. And yes, you can still see the stars.

      EcoLight Roadway
      It's very pleasant to sit out on a summer's night talking with friends or reading a book. But white light attracts mosquitoes, and it ruins our night vision. The EcoLight helps preserve our night vision and it doesn't attract bugs as much as white light.

      The lack of glare and light trespass ensures that you won't bother your neighbours, so they won't bother you.

      Here, the EcoLight is mounted about 2-meters above the ground, and the brightness is set to the limit for reading (less than 1-watt). At this brightness the colour resembles candle light. And yes, you can still see the stars. (Simulated to show what you see.)

      Nighttime Reading

      Lighting Schedule

      The Ecolight-Deluxe comes with a controller to schedule the illumination throughout the night to minimize its ecological impact during periods of greatest sensitivity, and to conserve power.

      Below is the default timeline. It ramps-up to the user-set brightness at sunset. It remains at this brightness until about 22:00-23:00 - depending on the tree cover, surface reflectivity, and the season. This is the time when vehicle and pedestrian traffic is approaching their lowest densities.

      It then dims to 20% of the user-set brightness for the rest of the night. At dawn, the EcoLight automatically turns off.

      You can brighten the light for a few minutes during the Dim Time by "flicking" the light switch in the building.

      The maximum and minimum light, and the dim-time are all user-adjustable with a smartphone.



      This photometric plot has a 1-meter grid spacing. The EcoLight has a wide light distribution that is forward of nadir thereby minimizing backlight (behind the mounting point). This means that a supporting arm is not needed to place the illumination pattern near the centre of the target area, thereby saving installation costs and visual clutter.

      The illumination levels in the figure are for "full power" and can be reduced by a factor of 30 by the user to the desired brightness (about 5-lux at 6-meter height down to <3-lux at 1-meter height).

      The wide light distribution allows a spacing of about 4x Mtg.Ht. with a uniformity of better than 3:1 [Max./Ave.] or 5:1 [Ave./Min.]. For a spacing of 6X the mounting height the uniformity is about 3.2 [Max./Ave.] or about 4.2 [Ave./Min.].

      Virtually no light shines beyond 12m on each side or 6m across the target area. This ensures essentially no glare beyond the target area, but allows a gentle merging of illumination when EcoLights are combined into a string for pathway and roadway lighting.


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